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    Three False Idols in Our Modern Culture

    I set up this website with the intention of primarily talking about social issues in America. Such a broad subject leads me to think about many different topics. One day as I was pondering what to write about next, it occurred to me that much of what is wrong with our society stems from having false idols. The first of…

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    Aaron Rodgers and His Comments on God and Religion

    Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Greenbay Packers, recently appeared on race car driver Danika Patrick’s podcast, Pretty Intense. It should be noted that Danika Patrick and Aaron Rodgers are a couple. On this podcast Aaron talked about his views concerning religion. He explains how he and many others grew up going to church because it was simply what you…

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    God, on When Life Begins and its Innate Value

    When listening to politicians and thought-leaders discuss abortion, we hear a lot of differing opinions. Some of these opinions are educated and others are not, some might be based in scientific fact while others are strictly based in personal experience. It seems that no matter what, everyone has some insight to share. However, there is one important source of insight…

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    Phoenicians, Ammonites, and Canaanites, A Warning For Today

    The Phoenicians were a loosely connected people that existed in Old Testament times, they inhabited the land of Canaan from about 1550 BC to 300 BC. They worshipped a god called Moloch (also called Molech, Milcom, Milkim, Molek, and Malik). Other peoples that worshipped Moloch were the Ammonites and Canaanites, who also lived in the land of Canaan. There is…

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    Blessings Abound, Even In Injury

    A family member of mine has been experiencing back problems recently. This person has been in intense pain and discomfort for a couple of weeks now. As if that weren’t enough, they have been unable to go about their daily routine as they normally would. That is a big challenge, as this family member prefers to stay active, busy, and…

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    The Violent Persecution of Christians in Africa.

    A few months ago, I came across an article that brought to my attention the horrible persecution happening in Africa and specifically Nigeria. I originally thought that any killings happening in Africa were caused by government control of citizens or from conflicts based on land ownership. Many questions began to form in my mind. Why are so many Christians being…

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    Abortion Workers Are Not Our Enemy, Sin Is

    Oftentimes, on social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, Gab, and Parler, I see pro-life enthusiasts expressing hate and ill-wishes for abortion workers. It seems that these people identify those involved with the abortion industry as targets for their indignation. This concept is easy for me to understand because I often look for targets to lash out at when I…

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    Live In The Present

    Both the past and future have their potential uses, one can provide precedence and the other can provide motivation. Yet, the past and future are not what we are called to dwell in, that honor is reserved for the present. I am not talking about the superficiality of a “YOLO” (You Only Live Once) lifestyle. Living in the present isn’t…

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    True Humility

    There is no denying that the idea of humbling ourselves often puts a bad taste in our mouths. We like to think we are pretty good people and that we are usually right. When I stop to consider this, something about it seems odd to me. Here I am, nothing special by secular standards, finding it difficult to humble myself…

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    God Is God Of All, And That Means All

    Many of us might feel silly or childish going to God with what we think are small concerns. Others of us may fail to ask His forgiveness because we have gone to Him so many times in the past with the same plea for the same sin. Yet, in refusing to go to God with the small things or with…