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    Dangers of Gender Transition for Children

    Over the past thirty years the idea of gender identity has become more prevalent. More people are expressing themselves in relation to new terms and ideas relating to gender. Are these new ideas helpful for someone who perceives their gender as different from their physical body? Have the treatments been helpful? Even more concerning are the potential harmful effects this…

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    A Good Wife Can Change Your Life

    With the rise of what I like to call “toxic feminism”, there has been a drop in the number of young men who wish to get married. Perhaps they are turned off of it by toxic feminism’s insistence that women can do anything men can, plus extra. Then again, maybe it is because so many marriages end in divorce and…

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    Memories Of My Children

    When I began vacuuming today I noticed my two year old son sitting on the rug by our stairs with a book in his lap. The book is about one-third the size of his entire body. As he sat there pouring over the pictures in his book, a peaceful yet intent expression on his face, the sun shone it’s light…

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    Respect in Relationships

    I saw a clip on YouTube today that featured men hitting women back. Many of the women appeared to be the girlfriends or wives of the men they physically attacked. Now, the video gives little context in most cases so it is mostly unknown why these women thought they should lash out against the men in this way. However, the…

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    Teaching Kids Useful Skills and How to Work

    There seems to be the idea that in order to spend quality time with their children, parents need to partake in their kids’ favorite activities. Whether it be video games, basketball, going to museums, horseback riding, watching Dude Perfect on YouTube, etc. parents are expected to join in despite the possibility they themselves do not enjoy the activity. This theory…