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    Learning from Car Repairs

    Over the last week and change, I have been undergoing the adventure of repairing my wife’s car. It was difficult at times, not just because I didn’t completely know what I was doing, but also because I was impatient and I had the wrong outlook when it came to car maintenance. These repairs began my learning experience in regards to…

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    Shrinking My Workshop

    A couple of years back I took over half of our basement with my workshop. I took out the bathroom that was down there, took down ceiling panels to allow for more height, and removed some piping that had gone to the toilet. This resulted in me having about an 18’x12′ space, but shaped slightly like a “T”, with one…

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    No Home is Perfect

    I am currently attempting to find a place in my house to hang a shelf I just finished building. This shelf was originally made to fit in a specific area, but it now must find a new home. The tricky aspect of this venture is that it is quite difficult to locate studs in my house. Our home was built…

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    The Importance of Balancing Hobbies

    I really enjoy playing video games and watching videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, those are both hobbies that keep my butt firmly planted in a seat and my eyes glued to a screen…neither of those are exactly healthy. I have to make an effort to balance those two hobbies with my other, more active hobbies. Video games can challenge one’s mind…

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    My Challenge With Woodworking

    A couple of months before the summer of 2015 my wife and I decided to start homeschooling our then three children. Due to my lower earning potential and my wife’s greater desire to work, I was selected to be the one to stay home and oversee the education of our kids. I suddenly had more downtime on my hands as…